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Liupeng Su

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Liupeng Su
China Qing painter
China, (1791–1862)
Su Liupeng (1791 – 1862), had a courtesy name, Zhenqin, and a pseudonym, Zhen Taoren, being also known as Luofu Taoren. A native of Shunde, under the influence of his father, Su Yishu, he nurtured a love for painting since early childhood. Legend has it that still in his teens Su Liupeng studied art for several years under a monk, Dekun, at the Baoji temple on Mountain Luofu, before moving to Guangzhou to start his painting business near the city deity temple, naming his studio Zhenqin Xuan. Later on he established two painting schools where he taught, namely Shi Ting Chi Guan and Liu Tang Yin Guan – both located at Shi Ting Alley, in Guangzhou. At 50 years old, he became one of Guangzhou’s literati. Upon invitation, he often took part in the refined meetings of literati and would paint to enliven the gathering. He was often in contact with acknowledged scholars like Zhang Weiping, Huang Peifang and Li Changrong. Imbued with the painting style of Song and Yuan dynasties, Su Liupeng’s painting was also influenced by Fujiang School painters like Shangguan Zhou and Hunagshen. He was especially good in the portrait of subjects from different walks of life, and an expert in genre painting , which reflected folk life during the middle Qing period.

From: Museu de Arte de Macau

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