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Hideaki Kato

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Hideaki Kato
contemporary printmaker
Japan, b. 1954
Hideaki Kato was born in Kyoto, Japan. The city is characterized by a long tradition of arts and craftmanship. And Kyoto city has superb universities, academies and other training facilities for the fine arts and crafts.

But Hideaki Kato has never attended an art academy. He had originally studied biology, but later turned to arts under tuition of his father Yuichiro Kato. Hideaki Kato chose silk screen printing as his preferred technique. After 1982 he began to publish his works with Uchida.

Since 1950, silkscreen printing has become a very popular printing method among artists. The basic method is explained by using screens and stencils. The screens were originally of silk - thus, the name of the technique. But nowadays other, less expensive, fabrics are used...

Silkscreen is not a unique and well-defined technique, but has enormous variety. It extends from handmade concoctions to mechanical methods that allow the integration of photographs into the process. The latter method is used to create these wonderful art prints by Hideaki Kato.

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