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Ueno Tadamasa

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Ueno Tadamasa
Showa Printmaker
Japanese, (1904–1970)
Tadamasa was born as Ueno Katsumi. He studied with Torii Kyotada (1875-1941) - also Torii VII. The Torii family had been ukiyo-e painters and printmakers for several generations and can be traced back to the seventeenth century.

Ueno received his artist name Tadamasa - with the syllable "tada" taken from his master's name Kyotada. That was an old tradition.

In 1949 the Torii family allowed Tadamasa to use the renowned name Torii. And so he became Tadamasa Torii.

In 1940 the artist started a series of 18 prints titled Kabuki kumadori juhachi ban - Eighteen Kabuki Makeups. One print was planned for each month. After this series, another one, Zoku kumadori juhachiban, was planned but abandoned after the first seven prints.

It was during the years of the Pacific war and artistic creations suffered due to scarce material and a lack of demand from the public. The common Japanese people had other worries in these difficult days and no mind for kabuki or ukiyo-e.

After world war II, Torii Tadamasa remained active in the kabuki genre. He designed billboard posters for kabuki theaters and published two series in 1952:

* Kabuki juhachi-ban - Eighteen Kabuki Plays by the Ichikawa Family
* Kabuki juhachiban-no-uchi - One of Eighteen Kabuki Plays

The publishers of the post-war series were Shokokusha and Dairesha.

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