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Yanagawa Shigenobu

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Yanagawa Shigenobu
Edo Miyagawa Woodblock print
Japanese, (1787–1832) Yanagawa (originally Suzuki) Shigenobu. F.N.: Jubei. Go: Kinsai, Raito, Rinsai (Reisai), Ushosai.
Ukiyo-e printmaker, born in Yanagawa. Worked in Edo and, for a short time, in Osaka. Originally a puppetmaker. Later became, successively, the pupil, son-in-law, and adopted son of Hokusai. Upon his marriage to Hokusai's daughter he took his master's go Raito. He was popular as a book illustrator, and specialized in bijinga and landscapes. He was particularly well known as a designer of surimono.

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