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Ando Hiroshige II

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Ando Hiroshige II
Edo Utagawa Printmaker
Japanese, (1826–1869) Suzuki (orig. Morita) Chimpei. Go: Hiroshige II, Ichiryusai, Ichiyusai, Kisai, Ryusai, Ryusho (Rissho), Shigenobu.
Ukiyo-e printmaker. Pupil and adopted son of Ando Hiroshige; probably assisted in some of the late work of his master. At first used go of Shigenobu, when his master died in 1858, he married his daughter and took his name. About 1865 his marriage was dissolved, and he retired to Yokohama, once again using the go of Shigenobu and also signing Ryusho, painting pictures on tea boxes and lanterns intended for export. His work varies in quality; his prints, at their best, are a good imitation of his master's, but many are hasty and superficial. His paintings tend to be almost as fine as Hiroshige's. (Roberts, 45)

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