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Japanese Showa Printmaker
Japanese, (1902–1999) N. Yamata and Helen Merritt, "Guide to Modern Japanese Woodblock Prints."
Tomikichiro graduated from the Kyoto City School of Fine Arts and Crafts, and attended the Kyoto City Specialist School of Painting in 1924. In 1928 he entered the private school of Tsuchida Bakusen and made three study trips to Korea. He exhibited Japanese-style painting with Kokuga Sosaku Kyokai, the forerunner of Kokugagakai. In 1929 he switched to mokuhan. He exhibited with Kokugakai, Nihon Hanga Kyokai, Shun'yokai, Teiten, Shin Bunten, and Nitten, and in numerous solo exhibitions in Japan and abroad. He was a member of Nihon Hanga Kyokai from 1932. Tomikichiro was active in promoting sosaku-hanga in Kyoto. He published Taisha hanga in Kyoto with Asada Benji and others. He contributed to Han, Shin hanga, and Kitsutsuki. He organized the Red Green Society (Tanryokukai) which put out Collection of Small Prints (Han shohinshu). He made many sets and series published before World War II by Uchida, Unsodo, and Kyoto Hanga-in. After World War II he established the Matsukyu Publishing Company to produce and distribute his own prints, and Korokusha, a subdivision of Matsukyu, for publication of self-carved, self-printed hanga by himself, Takahashi Tasaburo, and Kamei Tobei.

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