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Utagawa Kunisada (aka Toyokuni III)

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Utagawa Kunisada
Edo Utagawa Printmaker
Japanese, (1786–1864) Tsunoda Kunisada, Shozo, Fubo Sanjin, Fuchoan, Gepparo, Gototei, Hokubaiko, Ichiyusai, Kinraisha, Kochoro, Tojuen, Toyokuni III (late work), Utagawa Kunisada, Utagawa Toyokuni III.
At 15 he was a pupil of Toyokuni, and took the name of Kunisada. In 1807 he produced his first book of illustrations; in 1808 he began to make actor prints. After his father's death he inherited the license of the ferry at Itsutsumei and took the name Gototei (Fifth Ferry House). In 1833 he studied under Hanabusa Ikkei; then the style of Hanabusa Itcho, taking the name of Kochoro. In 1844 he took the name of Toyokuni III, by which he is frequently known, though this go had properly belonged to Gosotei Toyokuni. In 1845 he retired, calling himself Shozo. He specialized in illustrations for story-books and in portraits of actors. His few landscape prints were fine; his bijinga generally undistinguished. His early landscape prints are considered his best, with his work growing coarse and violent in obedience to popular 19th-century taste. His later works are also often hasily designed, overcolored and badly printed. (Roberts, 96-97). He taught Toyohara Kunichika. His output was enormous, probably equaling, if not exceeding, that of any two other figure artists combined.

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