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Katsukawa Shunko

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Katsukawa Shunko
Edo Ukiyo-e Woodblock print
Japanese, (1743–1812) Katsukawa (originally Kiyokawa) Shunko. F.N.: Denjiro. Go: Sahitsuan, Sahitsusai.
Ukiyo-e painter and printmaker who lived in Edo. Pupil of Katsukawa Shunsho, and like him, used a jar-shaped seal (hence known as Kotsubo, little jar). He continued the Katsukawa tradition, becoming a leader of the school. He was noted for his actor prints, generally hosoban. It is also thought that he originated the okubi-e in the latter part of his career. After a mild stroke at the age of 45 he worked with his left hand, using the go Sahitsusai (Studio of the left brush). He eventually entered the priesthood. His style was close to that of his master in both manner and quality.

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