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Suzuki Kiitsu

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Suzuki Kiitsu
Edo Korin Printmaking
Japanese, (1796–1858) Suzuki Motonaga. Shien. F.N.: Tamesaburo. Go: Hitsuan, Isando, Kaikai, Kiitsu (Kiichi), Miwabyoshi, Seisei, Shukurinsai.
Rimpa painter, who was born in the Omi Province. Son of a dyer who later transfered his shop to Edo. Adopted by Suzuki Reitan, a samurai attached to the Himeji daimyo. Worked first as a dyer, inventing a technique of dying with purple (murasakizome). Then became a pupil of Sakai Hoitsu. By 1825 he was working in the field of book illustration; in 1826, with his master, he prepared for publication "Korin Hyakuzu" (Collection of 100 Works by Korin). His painting was eclectic in style; he was influenced by the Rimpa, Shijo, Tosa, and ukiyo-e shcools. His colors were more opaque than those of Sotatsu, and his edges sharper.

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