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Chobunsai Eishi

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Chobunsai Eishi
Edo Ukiyo-e Woodblock print
Japanese, (1756–1829) N: Hosoda (originally Fujiwara) Jibukyo Tokitomi. F.N.: Kuzaemon (Kyuzaemon) Yasaburo. Go: Chobunsai, Eishi.
Ukiyo-e painter and printmaker. Born of a samurai family of the Fujiwara clan. Lived in Edo. Studied first under Kano Eisen'in Sukenobu, then under Torii Bunryusai. Appointed to high court rank. Working in Kano style, he was granted the artist's name of Eishi by Tokugawa Ieharu. At about 30 years old he left Ieharu's service and, though he changed to the ukiyo-e style, was allowed to keep the name of Eishi. In his prints he specialized in bijinga of great refinement, at first under the influence of the Torii school. Later his figures even surpassed those of Utamaro in elegance and elongation. He also did a few landscapes and compositions with literary references. He left behind a large number of prints, not all of highest quality. He was always more of a painter than a printmaker, abandoning printmaking completely around 1800. His paintings are among the finest of the ukiyo-e school: fall figures, flowing drapery, elegant line and bright colors.

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