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Nishikawa Sukenobu

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Nishikawa Sukenobu
Edo Ukiyo-e Woodblock print
Japanese, (1671–1751) Nishikawa (originally Fujiwara) Sukenobu. F. N.: Magoemon, Ukyo, Yusuke. Go: Bunkado, Jitokusai, Jitokuso.
Ukiyo-e painter, printmaker, and illustrator. Born and lived in Kyoto. First a pupil of Kano Eino (or of his son, Kano Eikei), then studied under Tosa Mitsusuke. Finally turned to ukiyo-e, studying the work of Yoshida Hambei. An important member of the Kyoto ukiyo-e school, enjoying a great reputation in his lifetime. An immense output, consisting almost entirely of fine illustrated books and albums published in Osaka and Kyoto from 1710 until his death. Also produced a number of paintings and a few prints. His everyday scenes of bijin are all done with the delicacy and quiet grace typical of the Kyoto ukiyo-e. His books also illustrate historical scenes and legendary events.

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