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Katsukawa Shuncho

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Katsukawa Shuncho
Edo Miyagawa Printmaker
Japanese, (c. 1750–c. 1820) F.N.: Kichizaemon. Go: Churinsha, Kichisado, Shien, Toshien, Yubundo, Yushido.
Katsukawa Shuncho was originally a pupil of Katsukawa Shunsho, though he was heavily influenced by Torii Kiyonaga's style. His portraits of beautiful women are so like Kiyonaga's that they are often difficult to distinguish if unsigned. About 1790 he came under the influence of Utamaro. Between 1795 and 1800 he gave up printmaking, and turned to writing novels. He specialized first in actor prints, then in bijinga done with a subtle sense of light and color. He is known for his good compositions, often in diptychs and triptychs. He was active as a print artist from 1770 to around 1800.

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