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Keisai Eisen

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Keisai Eisen
Edo Miyagawa Woodblock print
Japanese, (1790–1848) Ikeda Yoshinobu. A: Konsei. F.N.: Zenjiro, later Teisuke. Go: Eisen, Hokugo, Hokutei, Ippitsuan, Kako, Keisai, Kokushunro, Mumeio.
Ukiyo-e painter, printmaker, and illustrator. Son of the calligrapher Shigeharu. Lived in Edo. Pupil first of the minor Kano artist Hakkeisai, then of the ukiyo-e artist Kikugawa Eizan. Author of "Zoku Ukiyo-e Ruiko", a re-editing of the main source books for the history of ukiyo-e. An erratic, uneven, prolific artist, who specialized in bijinga, erotica, and landscapes. Some of the last he did were in collaboration with Hiroshige, the "Kiso Kaido" being one such set. His work varies from the refined and elegant to the vulgar, and much of his designing is hasty and superficial. (Roberts, 21)

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