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Japan Anonymous

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Japan Anonymous does not have an image.

Japan Anonymous

Artist Objects

Battle 93.8.12

Bell 2019.15.6

Benzaitan 2021.11.1

Bottle L78.1.86

Bottle L87.1.17

Bottle 2020.12.20

Bowl L86.1.1

Bowl L97.1.58

Bowl L97.1.63

Bowl 2019.15.3

Bowl 2020.12.15

Child's Tea Set 2019.13.5a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m

Cup L78.1.132

Cup L97.1.61

Cup L97.1.62

Cup L78.1.66

Deep Bowl 2020.12.22

Envelope Sculpture L78.1.149 a, b

Fan T704

Fan 2019.13.11

Fan 2019.13.12

Hat T743

Hat T744

Inro 71.1.408

Inro 71.1.413

Jar L78.1.332

Lotus Sutra 2019.21.23

Mt. Fuji 2019.21.22

Oil Lamp 2020.12.16

Oil Lamp 2020.12.17

Opium Pipe 2019.15.4

Pedestal 2019.15.1

Plate L78.1.190

Plate L78.1.191

Plate L78.1.204

Plate L78.1.598

Plate 2004.5.8

Samurai 2021.11.2

Shallow Bowl 2020.12.24

Small Bowl 2002.0.27

Thundergod 2004.2.10

Tokio 2018.1.51

Ume no kafu 2020.11.15

Urn 78.1.3

Vase 78.1.23

Vase 78.1.24

Vase 78.1.19

Vase L78.1.295

Vase 98.1.24

Vase L78.1.789

Vase 2019.15.2

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