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China Anonymous

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China Anonymous

Artist Objects

Bamboo XX.1.36

Bamboo XX.1.70

Banner T287 a, b

Bell 2019.15.6

Bowl 78.1.5

Bowl L97.1.55

Bowl L97.1.56

Bowl L97.1.57

Bowl L87.1.15

Bowl L84.1.5

Bowl 71.1.308

Bowl 71.1.321

Bowl 2019.15.3

Container L97.1.51

Covered Jar L83.1.4 a, b

Cup 78.1.9

Donkey 2002.9.4

Dragon XX.1.71

Dragon XX.1.9

Fu Dog 2002.0.68

Guanyin 2017.2.9

Hair Ornaments 2005.0.12.a, b

Hair Ornaments 2005.0.29.a, b

Hotei 80.2.32

Large Pot 2002.0.29

Lidded Container 78.1.16. a, b

Lohan XX.1.50

Mat T544

Opium Pipe 2019.15.4

Ornament 2005.0.28

Peacock 2002.9.2

Pedestal 2019.15.1

Platter 2002.0.25

Pot L84.1.2